BTS of our fitting
Who is there:
Mitch - aka, THE Mitchell Evan.  Mitch is at every fitting to make sure he is happy/liking each silhouette and can give his final approval on each product.
Jarret, the Creative Director/ COO is responsible for coming up with the creative direction for each season and collection.  During the fitting, Jarret works with the fit model and the pattern maker to ensure each garment fits properly. 
Theresa, our development consultant, gives insights and directions on new collections.  She handles market research and contractor outreach, and during the fittings, she assures the clothing looks, fits and hangs right as well as making sure the designs are manageable for production, both in aesthetic as well as production cost.
Fit Model - someone who is our base measurement, usually a size medium, that has the ideal measurements for the fit we are going for.
Pattern Maker - they are the ones that will be adjusting the patterns after the fitting, so it is important for them to be in the fitting to see how the clothes fit, hang, etc., so when they are adjusting the patterns they have an easy reference point.
Office Dogs - there for overall support 
What happens:
Each style, in each fabrication in the collection, is fit on a fit model to assure we are happy with how the design looks, fits and feels on a person. The fit models measurements are taken at the start of each fitting to make sure he has maintained the same measurements since the last fitting. After, each style is put on the model and adjustments are made to the garment (raising the neckline, adding more to the circumference at waist, etc.). Notes are typed up for each garment to later be adjusted on the pattern.  If the sample is approved at the fitting, it goes directly to salesman sample (SMS), if it is not, the whole process is repeated again until the garment is fit approved.
Where it all goes down:
Fitting takes place in our office, where the team gathers around the conference table. Jarret and the pattern maker handle fitting each garment, dictating notes that are written down for the pattern maker.  
Why are fittings necessary:
Fittings are necessary because it is the process Mitchell Evan goes through to assure the correct and best fit for our customers. If the fit is off, then the customer won't buy the clothing. The fit model is a representation for who we see being the ideal fit for our brand. We use a base size and grade the patterns up and down to achieve all sizes, small through X-X-L. Another fitting can be done once the items are produced in all sizes to assure we are happy with the fit of each style across each size.
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