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This is Mitchell Evan

When was Mitchell Evan founded?
Mitchell Evan originated six years ago while traveling the country trying to figure out my purpose. I grew up studying film in Australia and Paris, but I always knew fashion was an avenue I wanted to explore.
It wasn’t until a trip to Malibu with college friends from Boston that I realized I needed to make my dream of fashion a reality. We were drawing in the sand, and brainstorming names, and that’s when MITCHELL EVAN was born; a name that is both my own and an homage to my great-grandfather and grandfather.

What is the inspiration behind the Mitchell Evan brand?
I wanted a line that expressed both my sense of being a traveling man and the WWII aesthetic my grandfather always displayed. A modern military-inspired menswear brand. Modern in its luxurious and comfortable fabrics and simple silhouettes, but military-inspired from my childhood of playing in our family attic that housed WWII photos, uniforms, and pins.
How has the brand evolved?
When I launched the brand in 2014, the focus was primarily on luxury outerwear coats and jackets. The Soft Sunday pillar of the brand has always been present, but as Mitchell Evan has grown, the demand for the simple, easy and comfortable t-shirts and sweatshirts has become our focus. The importance of quality fabrics has been a constant since the brands creation. Today, the Soft Sunday collection continues to grow as we introduce new styles with interesting luxurious fabrics. As the brand evolves, my goal is for Mitchell Evan to be every man's staple go to.
What are three pieces every man should have in his wardrobe?
Simple. T-shirt. Sweatshirt. Bomber Jacket. Everyone has their go to classic t-shirt. You can throw on with a pair of jeans or sweats. It is comfortable, durable and the perfect fit. Our Taz T-Shirt checks all these boxes.

A hoodie can be worn year round either in the dead of winter or from the comfort of your air-conditioned home while watch Seinfeld reruns. Our Pull Over Hoodie is so supple and warm that you never want to take it off. Go get coffee, the grocery store or even a date. I'm sure your date will want the sweatshirt after feeling how soft it is.

Bomber jackets have been around for decades. They make their way through trends. My personal favorite is our Leather Bomber Jacket. Inspired by a WWII Flight Jacket, it is perfect to elevate any look. Throw it on over our Taz T-Shirt or Pull Over Hoodie and your look will be complete. 
Where do you see Mitchell Evan in five years?
MITCHELL EVAN is a dream six years in the making. My hope is to create a brand that walks many lines in today’s world, and a brand that pushes the boundaries and embraces change. Each collection I am proud to say is my best; and the brand continues to grow into something that I can share with this world.


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