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Meet our Team

Mitchell Evan Men team
Mitch - President / CEO
  • He oversees all workings of the entire company. He is very involved in the creative process, constantly looking for new dye treatments, exploring innovative marketing techniques and continually finding ways to grow the business.
Jarret - Creative Director / COO
  • Responsible for coming up with the creative direction for each season and collection. He handles the daily operations of Mitchell Evan from concept through production. Jarret makes sure everything runs as smoothly as possible so our contractors, retailers, and customers are happy.
Theresa - Development Consultant 
  • Gives insight and direction on new collection developments. She also handles market research and contractor outreach. She is constantly showing new fabrics, trims, ideas to continue to make Mitchell Evan the best it can be.

Kristina - Digital Content & Brand Ambassador

  • Responsible for creating and scheduling digital content for Mitchell Evan social media channels, engaging with influencers and is a brand liaison for our retail partners.
Winston - 
  • Winston is the OG office dog. He is a 3-year-old Formosan Mountain Dog who was rescued from a meat factory in Taiwan as a puppy. He is the office watchdog who loves attention on his own terms. If you have cheese in your hands, Winston will be your best friend!
Mochi - 
  • The newest office addition, Mochi is a 4-month-old Shiba Inu. She is a fearless and courageous pup who just wants to play with her new brother, Winston. She is a true fashion pup, diving into fabric and trims. 

mitchell evan team


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