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About Us

Mitchell Evan is an apparel brand based in Los Angeles, United States of America. 

It started in 2014 in New York as a military menswear-inspired brand. My grandfather was in the military and fought in both WWI and WWII. I still remember my brother and me playing dress-up in the attic when we were young. We would dress up in the old uniforms he used to wear and imagine that we, too, were just as brave. So, when the idea of creating Mitchell Evan came to me, it felt natural to pay homage to my grandfather and this country's rich history.

Although Mitchell Evan started operations in New York City in 2015, we moved the brand to LA to focus on locally sourced production. Producing in NY was fun and exciting, and the feedback was great. However, it soon became apparent that moving the brand to LA was the best way to keep the product quality at a 100 while remaining cost-friendly. This move was significant in helping the brand take shape and became a viable business that can meet the demands of the brand. 

In 2017, our products hit retail doors along the west coast for the first time, and we have not looked back since then.

In 2019, we launched our core fabrication which is then brushed luxe fleece.

2020 is a year that we all remember but want to forget. However, with the pandemic and, consequently, the lockdowns, loungewear became perhaps the most sought-after fashion. More people have shifted to working from home, and there is a rise in the demand for comfortable yet stylish loungewear. Our products are on everybody’s wish list. They are clean, comfortable, and even stylish enough to go out in. Mitchell Evan is providing a new uniform for a new way of living.

In 2021 we launched core clean comfortable, focusing on what we do best and what you all, our customers, keep coming back for. 
There is an outfit for everyone at Mitchell Evan – we intend to spread our customer base widely and keep these customers satisfied.

Welcome to the number one stop for quality loungewear in Los Angeles!


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