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Mitchell Evan is a modern, military-inspired menswear line based out of Los Angeles, California. The brand launched in 2015 with two defining pillars. One, fitted clean outerwear with hints of military detailing. Two, versatile, soft and luxurious Soft Sunday Loungewear.

Mitchell Sandler was inspired to create Mitchell Evan by the memory of his late grandfather, Sergeant Samuel Sandler, who served as a fighter pilot in WWII and heroically helped charge the beaches of Normandy.
Mitchell grew up playing with the military memorabilia kept in a trunk in his grandfathers attic in Virginia Beach, and wanted to design a line that made those pieces wearable today, while keeping comfort and fit a priority.
Mitchell Evan is an American brand designed with both coasts in mind. Our Soft Sunday loungewear is inspired by the laid back aesthetic of the west coast, while our outerwear is functional and crisp for the east coast. Every piece by Mitchell Evan travels well and is perfect for layering and wearing year-round.