the hamptons city guide
The Hamptons have been a summer spot for me for me since I was in college. From the reggae sounds at Talkhouse, a local bar in Amagansett, to all American cuisine at East Hampton Grill, each summer allowed for an indulgence in food, drink and the sounds of both the music and beach. 

Over the years, driving between the different Hampton locales allowed for introspection and relaxation. To get away from the city and calm the mind - something we can all do more often. 
Do: Take a day trip to shelter island and rent paddle boards at Sunset Beach
Eat: Lunch at Sunset Beach (sit on the top to get a good view) || Dinner: Nick & Toni's is classic Italian and you can't go wrong with East Hampton Grill
Stay: Gurneys Montauk Resort (great nightlife during peak season) or Mill House in East Hampton
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